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The {beauty} in icons

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Hey! You found my (trick_c_baby) icon journal. As you might come to a conclusion about, this journal contain icons made by me. I have taken a lot of time and brain space to make these so I won't just let anyone see them. I have made this Friends Only, with strict rules (please read them below)! You will have post a convincing comment to gain my trust in you(i'm a sucker for fans of my work, D/Hr shippers, and artistic people, like myself *hint: show a piece of your work*).

and i just saved a bunch of money on my car by switching to Gecio ((sp?))!

The most important thing in all of icon journal history, the rules. This is the bible or torah of this icon journal! Read each one carefully because if you disobay the rules you are going

1)Comment or find someway of comunication to let me know you are taking my icon. It makes me feel better about my self, knowing that someone actually apprietiates my tallents and it is also good manners. I will only except good mannered people into my journal. You can use my icons on LJ's, most preferably because it is easier for you to credit me, and I to see how good mannered you are, and pat my self on the back for excepting such a good mannered person.

2)While we're on the topic to crediting you must also know that it is nessasary, required, and just plain right to credit my works. You and I will both feel better knowing that I am happy because you credited my work! :)

3)The last two words in that rule were: my work. These icons belong to me. I gave birth to them. Not you. So don't call them your's because they're my babies! MINE! -slap- Ok now that we got that over with, let's move on....

4)Commenting on one of my icon is one of the coolest things in the world. Yet if you say bad things about my icons your world will soon end. I'd advise you not to say anything, if you don't like them. My ideas, my expression, my words and thoughts

5)To make an icon, you must edit the base. As I have done in all mine you must NOT. I repeat: You must not, and may not edit my icons! That is disrespectful and lazy. Get your own base and get over it.

6)az u cn alr3ady reed i real bad at sp3lin. so if i mke sum mistooks on mi iconz jus politlie coreckt mi pleese. tanks.

7)I don't really know all that much about this nominating stuff so don't bother untill I can find out what it is.

8)If I don't except you into my journal you must work on 1 of these things:
*icon making
*how to flatter people
*how to become popular with people so as to have met me before on another site and I would have trusted you since i've met you before
*you're too dull (work on it)

9)I do not take requests. Read that sentence over before you do anything else. If you request anything I will think your dumb. If I think you're dumb I will not let you see my works anymore.

10)If you would like to take one of my icons the most important thing comment and tell me which one you are taking!! It is better so I know exactly where my icons are going.

11)When posting to join you should flatter me, tell me how interested you are in icon making and you could really use some inspiration, or mention anything about acting, my love. l.o.l. I love you all. I truly do. Without you I wouldn't be doing this!

12)Ok I have just changed my icon journal so that you may click to join the community...yet the message will come to me so I will know who wants to join. If you post then I know what your about and can decide....if you don't, well then I will delete the e-mail and you will not beable to see my icons...

Here are some of my works. Just 3. Follow the rules from above about crediting and being nice and good mannered.

1// 2// 3//

Like 'em? Comment for your chance to be one of the lucky 6 billion people in the world to be in my icon journal!

About me....hmm where do I start. Well, I'll tell you a good place. My user info at my real journal!

-=-google images
basicbases a big thank you to everyone there because you jumpstarted this carrer!!
-=-mom and dad for giving life to me (not goign into deatail)
-=-[Unknown LJ tag] thank you to all those Keira bases guys!
-=-i know this is an icon journal but you can link me...i made linkies! tee hee;

If you have any trouble with anything, or if you have extra questions be free to e-mail me at professordelena@hotmail.com.