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Friends Only

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plez add me
please read the rules first wich can befoound in the user info and tel me more about yourself!
Hello! This is Rowena from SS. I was just wondering if u could add me so I can see all ur pretty icons!
i was wondering who you were...lol sure no problem! just read the rules in my user info!!
Hey! I read all the rules! Was I supposed to tell you? Well, too late because I just did! LOL
that's ok i'm having major trouble figureing out how to add friends to communities...
I've stumbled upon your icons site and wanna join! I loved #3 on your info page, but I won't take it until you let me join, so don't worry. About making icons... I think you've seen a small fraction of mine on the Keira Icon Community. I'm setting up a small webpage for the rest of 'em-- I have a lot... And acting? Don't get me started on acting! I love it!! And... that's probably too much information for you at one time in one post.

great your in!

UPDATE: Ok you can now click to join the community but it will be e-mailed to me so you MUST comment here so I know to accept you or not. Thankies!
Comment... here? Ok, there's your comment! Thanks!
yeah but you have to add me to your list first...llist of friends
I've read the rules. I'll give you a summary.

If I am to take any of your icons, I will need to comment and give the credit to you and only you. You spell horribly, as you have written, so if I find any mistakes, I am to politely comment. I cannot change your icons or edit them. Because you said that it was lazy. I should "go get my own bases and make my own icons." If I comment, I can be one and six billion to get in. Um. ... I think that's all.

I love your three icons in your userinfo, by the way.
Can I be added?

~Sweet Sorrow
your really funny! sure, why not you can be on my journal! you will have to add me first though...
Hehe, thanks. I try!

i saw your icons in a community. i thought they were really awsome. you have major talent. you said you loved acting. i do too. when i am older i want to become an actress. i added you. would you please add me? thanks
hi im new on this journal stuff if u can could u help me out n let mekno how i fix my page i cant even put my pics up ... id ont mean to bother u i jus dont kno how to work my page if u dont have time to help me its ok bye ma be safe
ok well how bout you make me your friend an i will add you to mine on my journal and we can talk there, just go to trick_c_baby